Darebin Catalogue

Darebin Municipality of the state of Victoria, Australia has developed a close relationship with the creative agency Juddy Roller over the last years, and in collaboration they’ve filled countless public spaces with vibrant public art that has brightened up the city streets, brought street art tourism to the area and generated work for a lot of local and international artists.


Everything from walls, traffic signal boxes and scout-holds have been given a new life in color, and continues to attract attention and appraisal.

Juddy Roller asked me to design a showcase of this fruitful relationship in the form of a catalogue. I wanted to present the work in the best way possible that would highlight the good imagery I was supplied, by combining it with good layout and typography. I wanted it to be more fun and have a more modern look than a stereotypical council flyer, especially since the content was anything but ordinary. The project was never brought to a finish, but I am still happy about these initial mocks.