Graffiti Project Poster

City of Yarra is a municipality in the inner city area of Melbourne, Australia, housing the alternative and culturally rich suburbs of Fitzroy and Collingwood, among others, where artists and creatives are in majority and the walls are heavily decorated with graffiti and street art. In 2012 the Yarra City Council implemented a contemporary, creative solution to help manage traffic signal box vandalism, giving local artists the opportunity to showcase their talents and contribute to Melbourne’s constantly morphing visual landscape by painting works of art directly onto these boxes.



Traffic signal boxes have proven to be the perfect canvases, allowing artists increased exposure of their work in various environments without compromising their own unique style, making every traffic signal box a work of art. It is an outdoor art gallery experience like no other, open 24 hours, 7 days a week, spread across the entire Yarra area.



Set with the task of promoting this project to the public, I aimed to create something that the viewer would appreciate and hold on to, rather than quickly discard. Instead of creating an ordinary catalogue, I chose a fold-out poster format. This increases the chances of people keeping it to hang on their wall as a design element. The backside is a decorative close-up shot of one of the boxes, but also the front page is made to look good on the wall, by using an interesting composition and aesthetic typography and images. In the center of the poster I created a map of the Yarra area with numbered locations of all the boxes, so the curious can use the poster as a tourist map to head outside and explore and see the boxes for themselves.