Heather Gile Promotional

Heather Gile is an experienced and versatile creative with many passions – graphic design, communication design, prop styling, project management, copywriting desktop publishing, WordPress web development, social media & business marketing, client relations, bookkeeping, as well as being a true admin allrounder. Rather than knowing a little about a lot, Heather has experience and dedication within all her many fields, and aspires to pursue them all with her work.

To best promote Heather’s skills and personality in her promotional items, I wanted to find something relevant to her work habits to base them on. Heather always carries with her a small notebook in which she writes down ideas and project planning at client meetings. Often she will tear out a page to give to a prospective client that contains the ideas they went into and her contact details. I decided to design her a custom notebook, each page containing her name along with one of her skills as a give-away in meetings with potential clients.

Its purpose is to leave the client with a good impression of Heather and leave them more likely to call her back, through a promotional item that they are likely to keep using more than just a business card. The design of the notebook and the business cards aims to be delicate and professional, and to give a clear creative feel through its simplicity and violet Chevron-stripe design. The business card fits into the front of the notebook.