Juddy Roller Studios

Juddy Roller is an influential consultancy company specialising in urban art and graffiti in the heart of the creative and cultural Fitzroy in Melbourne, Australia. Juddy Roller was born out of a desire to make Melbourne’s already outstanding urban contemporary art scene into an international icon. After quickly gaining a reputation for working with the best local and international talent, Juddy Roller has become one of the most respected urban arts management collectives in Australia.

I was set with the task of creating a much needed channel of communication and develop clear branding to strengthen Juddy Roller’s identity. To create a visual brand for what already has a strong reputation and a unique concept, for Juddy Roller to leave a stronger impression on Melbourne’s art scene. I created a website, conceptualized a logo in collaboration with artist Jaws, and created a design manual, stationaries and templates.

The logo is done by hand with marker to reflect Juddy Roller’s artistic brand, enhancing the artistic, creative and innovative basis that the agency is built upon. Juddyroller.com.au is a one-page responsive website with a great focus on the impressive works and images created through the studios, and aims to give a clear, inviting sense of what Juddy Roller does and what it can do for the client.








screenrecording from Stine Busch on Vimeo.