New Hunting Ground Gallery

New Hunting Ground gallery is a brand new street and contemporary art gallery space is located in a unique warehouse space in one of Fitzroy, Melbourne’s last industrial laneways. Located within Juddy Roller Studios, a well-known hub for both local and international artists, New Hunting Ground will draw together a varied selection of the finest artists from an extensive international network, in an effort to expose our clientele to a highly varied range of important works.

I wanted the gallery’s visual identity and website to emphasise the strong quality of artwork exhibited and a give feeling of playful, daring creativity that push limits and inspires. Collaborating with artist Jaws, the logo and type was created to stand out, depicting an animal of undefined species, on the hunt, looking ahead for the next big thing within the art scene. The design is subtle to leave the artwork in focus, without being too plain. The website’s layout was created to be easy to navigate to ensure a good user experience and leave the viewer with an excited interest in the gallery.

For the opening night of the very first exhibition, we wrote the artist info beneath each piece directly on the wall, in the same original type that is represented on the website. The logo was used in a stamp, replacing the common red dot that is used when a painting is sold.